White Bear Lake Manitou Days Treasure Hunt

The White Bear Lake Manitou Days Treasure Hunt is held annually within White Bear Lake and its neighboring communities. It has been going on since 1990. A Cooler Crew find in this one will be a great feather in our collective cap, as it would break a nice dynasty that has found it for about a decade now.

YearGeneral LocationPinpointed LocationConcealer
1995Lakewood Hills ParkUnder an Oak Tree just past the baseball diamondsA home-made nest
1996Bellaire Park, White Bear TownshipInside a hole in a large oak treeBare inside the hole
1997Clark Avenue Boulevard
1998Bald Eagle Lake Park, White Bear TownshipUnderneath a very slanted treeA amall Ziploc Bag
1999Wildwood Park, MahtomediNear Lost LakeIn a bed of soft moss
2000West Park, White Bear LakeAt the base of a grillWrapped in charcoal briquettes
2001Central Park Middle School, White Bear LakeIn a ditch under a footbridge along Bloom AvenueIn a sandwich of rocks
2002Rotary Farm Nature Preserve, White Bear LakeTen paces from a wooden deckInside a Dr. Pepper Bottle
2003Podvin Park, White Bear LakeAt a sewer drain near a light poleDangling from the drain
2005Jack Yost Park, White Bear Lake103 paces from the "V" shaped tree on Fourth Street.In the underbrush near the outfield of the nearby baseball diamond.
2007Ramsey County Beach (White Bear Lake Beach)Placed in an area of high weedsThe medallion was hidden in a bag.
2008Wedgewood Park, MahtomediThe medallion was slid into moss growing on a fallen tree.The moss
2010Polar Lakes Park, White Bear TownshipBetween a stand of oak trees and a sign saying “297 feet”Wrapped in grass and surrounded with a clay/water “muck”
2011Moon Lake Park, White Bear TownshipInside a rotted out oak stumpToilet paper
2012North of the Historic Train Depot along Highway 61Tucked in the wooded area north of the depotA clay rock
2013Rutherford Park, White Bear Township
2014Varney Lake ParkOn Van Dyke Street North of Orchard in a stand of 3 treesThe Weeds
2015Fox Meadow Park, White Bear TownshipTucked within a hole in a tree