The Cooler Crew Discussion Board Archives

It's where we first met, it explains our name, and it serves as a wonderful place to converse about the cooler things that are on our minds. Although the Pioneer Press closed the original Water Cooler message Boards during a site re-vamp after the 2002 hunt, the Cooler Crew lives on.

The original Water Cooler, as we knew it, ceased to exist on Thursday, February 7, 2002 at 7:14 pm. Most Coolerheads had anticipated this change, as Knight-Ridder had been doing it with its other newspaper properties, as well. As a result of this anticipation, I took on a mission to collect and save as many of the medallion hunt posts to the cooler as i could in that time. The 2000-2001 and 2002 hunt threads are presented as they originally appeared. Earlier hunt threads are what has been pieced together by others. In time, these archives will be parsed out and incorporated into the overall historical archive. Until then, what we have is what we have.

Once the Water Cooler change happened, there was a mad scramble to find a suitable replacement site that had the same format as our old Cooler. What we came up with was a site called The Peoples Forum, which had been accepting refugees from several other Web Crossing based sites at the time. PF started having financial troubles of its own in 2005, and again, we were again facing the possibility of our discussion board shutting down. Again preparing for this, I put together a script to archive as much of our content as possible. The content from PF has been extracted from several hundred megabytes of xml files that were generated from the contents of the PF HTML output. As the data is processed, the PF archive will be populated with the actual posts and author information from the original site.

Now that we're at ableminds, we feel a little more secure in our discussion board host. After all, everyone who participates pays for the access. However, that won't prevent a running discussion archive from there as well. The script to do it is a work in progress, and priority is given, of course, to getting the PF archive up in one "piece".

In the meantime, sit back, and reminisce about treasure hunts of days gone by.