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2014 Diggorius Rex Treasure Hunt Kick-Off

The Original Gabe's By The Park
Approx. 3:00 start, 3:30pm clue release?
991 Lexington Pkwy N
St Paul, MN 55108


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2014 Diggorius Rex Treasure Hunt

2014 Coldest Hunter's Lost Treasure Hunt Kickoff

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Gabe's By the Park
991 Lexington Parkway
Saint Paul, MN 55108

You can take advantage of the event to pay to be a registered hunter.

Coldest Hunter's 2014 Lost Treasure Hunt

Coldest Hunter's Lost Treasure Hunt will begin on May 18th. I have decided to push it back a week from the hunt's traditional date of May 11th due to Mothers day this year. The summer local city hunting season is almost here so let's kick it off with another great hunt for Coldest's Lost Treasure!

2014 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt

You may be wondering why you haven't heard anything about the Mock Hunt yet this year. The answer is after the Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt it was suggested that even at that point, we'd all had enough of winter already and that it would be better to push the Mock Hunt back a bit in hopes of hitting some more springlike weather when people will actually want to be outside. So I'm going with that plan. Consequently we will be kicking off the Mock Hunt this year on Saturday, April 19th, going (potentially) through the end of the month.

2014 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt Kickoff

Monday April 21, 2014
Joseph's Grill (in the banquet room)
140 South Wabasha Street
Saint Paul, MN 55107

It seems Easter weekend wasn't going to work out so well for people so we're going to further break tradition and have a 3rd clue release party on Monday night, the 21st. We'll meet at Joseph's where it is $2 taco night starting at 5:30 and release the clue at 6pm. You can still register at the party.

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Ode to Hunt

Ode to Hunt by Curtis Kopp

The hunt is over and I guess, 
I’ll clean my house, for it’s a mess. 
Through sleet and snow and low wind chill, 
We’re like mailmen but mentally ill. 

It ended Monday, blessed is he, 
To find a puck that looks like pee. 
I must admit the kid has class, 
Has anyone seen my frozen ass? 

At Como Park the hunt was bold, 
The polar bears said, “Damn its cold!” 
Hid was treasure for us to find, 
Some looked up a frog’s behind. 

Braving the cold takes lots of guts: 
I’m getting the feeling back in my nuts. 
The wife was great throughout the hunt, 
But now she has a frozen c….offee. 

So now it’s over what to do: 
Re-hash with the Cooler Crew, 
We’ll whine with wine and jeer with beer, 
And say, “I guess it’s mine NEXT year.” 

Joe Medallion's Treasure Hunting Tips -- 2014 edition

I supposed that with the hunt starting in under a week that its time, once again, to put together a list of treasure hunting tips. I've done this for the past couple of years now, and stopping just wouldn't be right. Compared to those two years, I'm a little late, but what the heck, right?

Buttons. Buy a button and get it registered. They've been available for over a month now, and have to be registered by January 17 at midnight in order to qualify you for the extra $5000 in cash if you find the puck. Who wants to throw away 5 grand? Not me. Don't count on your hunting buddies to have one, because once again there will be only one finder and one check. If your group's finder (probably the person with the lowest tax bracket) doesn't have a registered button, you're out 5 grand. No questions asked. I know I sound like a broken record, including this tip every year, but its sad to see the number of winners who just didn't do it and missed out on a bigger prize. The hunt that inspired the "only one finder rule" in 2012 was the most recent encounter. Already have a button? Well, if you're reading this, you've got an internet connection so go find the card and follow the web site link. There are no excuses.


Cooler Crew -- A History

During the 1990's, the St Paul Pioneer Press opened online discussion forums. These forums were called Water Coolers. The forums had discussion topics related to sports, politics, news, and current events. Each year, the Pioneer Planet — the online section of the Pioneer Press — opened a discussion forum as a media for hunters to discuss the clues for the Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt.

During the earlier years, one might find a few hundred posts during the hunt. As more hunters had computers, those numbers jumped. From 1997 to 1998, the number of posts increased from the hundreds to the 5-digit thousands. It was during the 1998 hunt the Cooler Crew was born.

The community spirit and teamwork displayed in the Pioneer Press Medallion Hunt thread was inspiring. The group of hunters found themselves at the end of a hunt not wanting to let go of new friendships and the camaraderie found on the Water Cooler board. The idea emerged to do what anyone would do in the middle of winter in Minnesota. A picnic in Cherokee was planned - the first Rehash Bash!

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