Mixing it Up

The medallion was never hidden in the same place twice in the 1970s, and size didn't matter (get your mind out of the gutter and back in the snowbank). Tiny Mears and Irvine stood proud with Battle Creek and Lake Phalen. West St. Paul and Maplewood were brought into the fun, pushing the medallion into deeper reaches of Ramsey County (and thanks to the West Saint Paul hunt, even outside of Ramsey County).

YearGeneral LocationPinpointed LocationConcealer
1970Battle Creek ParkOn the 50-yard line of the football field on Upper Afton Rd.A cast iron vise
1971Wakefield ParkNear the Southwest edge of the lakeA baby buggy wheel
1972Marydale ParkSouth of the westernmost manhole coverAttached to a gold-painted gooseneck water trap
1973Phalen ParkNear Light Pole # 13 on the Pavilion Parking LotCemented into a closet rod bracket
1974Cherokee ParkBetween a large oak tree, and a grove of pine trees and large rock directly in line with Winona St.Inside a Coca Cola can concealed within a White paper bag
1975Mears ParkNear the intersection of Sibley and 5th Sts.In a Bull Durham tobacco sack wedged in a picnic bench
1976Keller ParkUnderneath the roots of the first tree south of the bridge to the islandIn a "Y" shaped tree branch
1977Irvine ParkOn the ground amid eight treesInside a cigar box
1978Harriet Island ParkMidway between the road and the pavilion buildingFrozen in a ball of milk and ice
1979Marthaler ParkNear the tennis courts.Attached to a piece of tree bark