Mock Hunts

Mock Hunts have been a part of the Cooler Crew since Allison Wonderland started doing them in 2000. At first, it was a virtual hunt. In 2001, he turned it into a real hunt for a prize. In 2002, after the short hunt at Merriam, the prize grew, from donations from the Cooler Crew to be in excess of $500, and his hunt kicked off an entire season of Mock Hunts throughout the summer. And we've been having them ever since, with the finder of one hunt writing the next one, and so on. These pages chronicle those hunts.

Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt
Allison Wonderland Piggy Back Hunt
Coldest Hunter's Lost Treasure Hunt
TC Treasure Hunts
D-Rex and D-Ng Hunt
Inactive Hunts:
MrMnMikey Mock Hunt
Marley King Mock Hunt
Me2's Ghost of the Treasure Hunt Present
ThoseMedallingKids Mock Hunt
Jake Inge Mock Hunt
Jake & Mr. Med Hunter's Mock Hunt