The Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt

Allison Wonderland started the mock hunt in 2000, as a way to pass time between the Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt, and Fitger's Bock Hunt. He squeezed the two words together, and came up with Mock. In 2000, it was a virtual hunt, in which participants needed only their Treasure Hunter's Guides, with a $10,000 Monopoly Money prize. In 2001, it became an actual hunt, with a cash prize, and has been that way ever since. The "AW Hunt" is typically regarded as the hunt that kicks off the Mock Hunt season each year, with the finder of his hunt writing the next one, and so on.

When planning the Mock Hunt, he does usually look at what happened during the Pioneer Press hunt from that year and try to counter balance it in some way. So in a year like Crosby, when everyone was in the same park most of the hunt, he's made it more of a "figure out the right park" sort of hunt. In years when people were all over the place in the Pioneer Press hunt, he may try to get people to the park earlier so they can hang out together. If the Pioneer Press used a large park, he might pick a small park. Of course it's up to you to try and figure out what aspect of this year's hunt he's trying to counter balance.

If people ask when he thinks it will be found, the usual answer is clue 8 or 9 unless the hiding spot is especially devious. He thinks a good hunt should go at least 8 clues (though the possibility of it being found earlier definitely needs to be there). Once it gets past clue 9, he tends to think "I can't believe they haven't found it yet". While the tension and excitement ramps up on clues 10 and 11, he really doesn't want it to get to clue 12.

Finally, once it's all over and he posts the explanations, either people will have figured everything out, or they will look at something and say "I can't believe I missed that!" If they look at the explanation and go "What?", then that was a bad clue.

YearGeneral LocationPinpointed LocationConcealer
2000Tilden ParkNear the playground equipmentSnow
2001Linwood ParkUnder the retaining wall behind the tennis courtsSnow
2002Phalen ParkUnder shrubbery cross Wheelock Parkway from the main gates amidst some tall grassA mud-covered jewelry box
2003Battle Creek P-arkDown the ravine from Battle Creek Middle SchoolInside a broken pocket watch, and tucked inside a fallen log
2003Hidden Falls ParkNear the overlook above the fallsIn a pair of tealight candles that had the wax removed
2004Marydale ParkOn the north side of the lake in a depression under a tree near a group of picnic tablesA fake rock
2005Sackett ParkBetween two wooden polesA $1 chip from the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, wrapped in an Eclipse gum wrapper and concealed with leaves
2006North Dale Recreation CenterAlong the fence along the first base line of ball field #1In bandages and covered with leaves
2007Newell ParkIn a tree near the center of the south end of the parkDirectly inside a crack in the tree
2008Cherokee ParkIn the picnic area across from the main parking lot, near a treeWrapped in white yarn
2009Highwood Hills ParkNear the end of the fence by the playgroundAn iPod Nano Box
2010Como ParkIn a crevasse in the stonework on the southern staircase leading up to the waterfalls above the frog pondA black felt pouch
2011Harriet Island ParkTossed from the levee, near a triangular grove of trees and the boat-shaped playgroundNothing
2012Conway Recreation CenterIn a depression in the ground in line and east of the basketball court postsCovered with loose grass
2013Burns Avenue ParkBetween a pair of trees in the NE section of the parkA chunk of ice
2014Merriam ParkMarked by a sign on the fence from Century FenceLeaves
2015Highland ParkNear the Picnic Pavilion South of Montreal Ave.A pile of snow turned over during the Pioneer Press Hunt