Announcing the 2013 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt

From the White Rabbit:

I have to admit that when it comes to being creative, nothing inspires me so much as seeing something done badly.  Consequently this year's clues and explanations have me quite inspired to get started with writing clues for the Mock Hunt.  So with that said, let's go ahead and set the date for Saturday, March 2nd.  The first clue will come out at 6:00pm that nightand be released, once a day, every day at 6:00pm until the end.
There are two ways to play.  One is to be a registered hunter which costs $10.  If you are registered and you find it, you will win the whole prize which I estimate will be around $500 this year.  You can also hunt for free, but then if you win, you get just $100 and the remaining registration money will carry over to the next hunt (which is what happened last year).
So if this hunt left you wanting for a better puzzle to solve, I encourage you to keep in touch and watch this message board over the next month.