2010 Pre-Dig Announcement

The 2010 Annual Cooler Crew Commemorative Button

Saturday, January 16, 2010
Obb's Sports Bar and Grill
1347 Burns Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55106

7:00pm til Close

Those Medalling Kids finds AW's puck

Congratulations to TMK on his find of AW's 2009 Mock Hunt treasure. According to AW, this is the fastest find for his hunt thus far! Way to go!

2009 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt

Kickoff Party
Fabulous Fern's
Sunday, March 1, 2009
In the bar area
400 Selby Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55102
(651) 225-9414

2009 Medallion Has Been found

At about 9:30 this morning, the medallion was found in Swede Hollow Park. It was found by the father/daughter team of Joe and Jessica Horwath of Maplewood. The pair claimed the entire $10,000 prize, as well as the $1,200 in groceries from Cub Foods. They'd only been out looking for an hour or so when they stumbled across it. It was found several feet away from where it was originally hidden; someone probably tossed it away with their shovel. Ma Press has a great piece of poetry courtesy of the clue writer about it.

2009 Rehash Bash

Location: Mason Lodge (As always, thanks for keeping us indoors, AW!)
1044 Front Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55103
Sunday, February 1, 2008
Time: High noon
Map to the location

Nightly Pre-Clue Gatherings

Before each night's clue comes out, many members of the Cooler Crew get together in downtown Saint Paul as a way to wind down at the end of a long day of digging, and to recover some strength for the night of digging that often follows the release of later clues. These get-togethers will either be at Wild Tymes or at the Bulldog in Lowertown. Stay tuned to the forums at ableminds for details of each night's gathering.

2009 Pre-Dig Gig Recap

January 17, 2009
Obb's Sports Bar and Grill
Saint Paul

Group Photo

The 2009 Pre-Dig Gig (Photo courtesy of Peter Worth, official Winter Carnival Photographer)

We've made it. Ten years ago, give or take a few days, we held the very first Cooler Crew Pre-Dig Gig at McGovern's. Tonight, we held the eleventh annual Pre-Dig Gig at Obb's. Over the course of the evening, somewhere between 150 and 200 people came through the doors.

Originally planned for Matty B's, the party was moved on the last minute to Obb's, who were more than accomodating. With the Pioneer Press publishing the first clue online and in the early Sunday edition of the newspaper, being downtown isn't really necessary anymore, since we all have the clue going in and don't need to go to the paper to get it.

The 2009 Annual Cooler Crew Commemorative Button.

The 2009 Annual Cooler Crew Commemorative Button

As usual, Mom and Dad had the annual Cooler Crew buttons; there were plenty of them left over. If you didn't get one and still want one, contact me2. Lilman provided the evening's entertainment from his DJ booth, and there was even a little karaoke going on. For the last several years, Clue Master has orgainzed a park pick pool, and with a $155 total prize for the winner, this year was no exception.


Cooler Crew -- A History

During the 1990's, the St Paul Pioneer Press opened online discussion forums. These forums were called Water Coolers. The forums had discussion topics related to sports, politics, news, and current events. Each year, the Pioneer Planet — the online section of the Pioneer Press — opened a discussion forum as a media for hunters to discuss the clues for the Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt.

During the earlier years, one might find a few hundred posts during the hunt. As more hunters had computers, those numbers jumped. From 1997 to 1998, the number of posts increased from the hundreds to the 5-digit thousands. It was during the 1998 hunt the Cooler Crew was born.

The community spirit and teamwork displayed in the Pioneer Press Medallion Hunt thread was inspiring. The group of hunters found themselves at the end of a hunt not wanting to let go of new friendships and the camaraderie found on the Water Cooler board. The idea emerged to do what anyone would do in the middle of winter in Minnesota. A picnic in Cherokee was planned - the first Rehash Bash!

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