"No Time For Cold Feet" Screenings

Bell Auditorium

Sat. Jan. 22nd 12:30pm, 3pm
Sun. Jan. 23rd 12:30pm, 3pm
Sat. Jan. 29th 12:30pm, 3pm
Fri. Feb. 4th, 5pm
Sat. Feb. 5th 12:30pm (at Oak Street Cinema)
Sun. Feb. 6th 12:30pm, 3pm

$8 - adults
$5.50 - seniors, children under 12

There will be no advance ticket sales. Tickets for the 12:30pm show will go on sale at 12noon. Once the first show starts, the second show's tickets will go on sale (at approximately 12:45pm).

The Bell Museum Auditorium is located at 17th and University Ave. S.E. on the University of MN East Bank campus in the Bell Museum of Natural History.

Bell Museum Of Natural History
10 Church St SE
Minneapolis MN 55455
(612) 624-7083

Oak Street Cinema
309 Oak St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(near the intersection of Oak and Washington in Stadium Village.)

Please see this website for Bell Auditorium parking and directions.

From what we understand, parking is free on Sundays - though we have not been able to independently verify this.

2004 Rehash Bash Re-Cap

Phalen Park

This years picnic in the park where the medallion was found, again saw the gathering of friends both new and old. On this cloudy, blustery day with the sound of the races out on the lake behind us, there were approximately 50 folks that attended. Name tags were a super idea! Thanks to those that made sure we were appropriately tagged!

The food laid out on the stage of the amphitheater was an amazing assortment of goulash, hot dish, sloppy joe medallions, meat balls and little weenies, windmill cookies, dips, chips, desserts, green donuts and salads. This Crew knows good food and knows how to throw a party!

A fire was started off in the distant fire ring for those wishing to warm up a bit. Thanks to all who gathered wood and got the fire going!

East Side Digger had a copy of his Cooler Kid book. Nice to see that talent! Big G had great window clings for sale and Mom had Cooler Crew buttons with for those that wanted them.

There was the usual trek to the place the medallion was found, conversation about the clues, the clue writer, theories and conspiracies. Me2 gave a speech that warmed the hearts of those attending. She summed up best what we all feel about the family we’ve become.

KT had the floor next. She had gathered door prizes for the day and there were several winners of these clever prizes. This was a new part of the festivities but hopefully not the last!

It’s seemingly impossible that this is the 7th rehash bash. That first event found us meeting face to face with folks we had never seen before. What an awesome memory. Now every year we are joined by new faces who must feel that same sense of awe. We hope you all continue to be a part of this community!

Coolerheads will Prevail!

2004 Pre-Dig Gig

The 6th Annual Pre-Dig Gig at Patrick McGovern’s on Saturday, January 24, 2004 saw the gathering of old hunting friends sprinkled liberally with first time attendees. Roughly 100 folks came and went during the evening. As always, the stories of previous hunts, predictions of where the medallion will be found sometime in the next 12 days, the greeting of old and new friends alike made this annual gathering one this writer wouldn’t miss. The evening, as always, was capped off with the reading of the first clue.

Mom and Dad had this year’s Cooler Crew commemorative buttons and East Side Digger had bumper stickers for sale. If you missed the opportunity to purchase a button or bumper sticker, there will be more opportunities to get your collectibles from these creative folks during the hunt and at the Rehash Bash.

The laughter, the din of conversation, putting faces with on-line names, the meeting of new Cooler Crew members and the camaraderie of those obsessed with hunting for a little blue puck in the parks marked the beginning of the 2004 Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt. Let’s hope a Coolerhead finds it this year!

Coolerheads will Prevail!!!!!!

The Making of the TMK Mock Hunt

Okay, I'll write about my thoughts on the hunt, the process of making it, why I did some of the things I did.

First off, I had to pick myself a park. I ruled off a number of parks because of familiarity with them or them being used in previous hunts. So Como, Harriet, Battle Creek, Mounds, Phalen were all off the list. I decided I wanted to try and do a park that people were not as familiar with. One that would be unexpected. I had gone to a number of parks in my travels, and I revisited some. Mattocks was one I came upon again, because it isn't as far from my home. I liked how it looked, and it seemed like it had a lot with which to use.

When I was looking at Mattocks in my THG, I noticed that there were a number of things in the park that were not in the guide. I thought that would be great for the hunt. I know we all rely heavily on our guides. This would help me in making the hunt go longer. I made a few trips to the park, using my little notebook to take notes on everything I could. Signs in the park, landmarks, anything of note regarding houses adjoining the park, things that could be seen from the park, words on man holes and fire hydrants, street numbers. Just anything that I thought could be used. If I had an idea for how I wanted to use something in a clue, I jotted the idea down.

With all this information, I formulated how I wanted to construct the hunt. I decided that with this hunt, I wanted to make each clue into a little separate puzzle if I could. My desire wasn't to put together a hunt where you were told what to look for, but that you had to think with each clue. I also wanted to incorporate some ideas and feelings I have on what should be open for use in regards to cluewriting.

No Time For Cold Feet

A documentary about the St. Paul Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt began production in 2001 and continued in 2002, you may have noticed the lights and cameras while trekking through our public parks during the last two hunts. Cinematographer Bud Gardner and Filmmaker Trent Tooley are returning to film again this year. "It was a painful decision to not show the film and shoot again this year, but the bottom line is that we want to get this thing right."

They're going to try to be as unobtrusive as possible -- trying to set up some more interviews early in the hunt when no one really knows where it is, and following people as they are scouting and digging.

You're encouraged to learn more about the project by visiting the NAHF site. If you were filmed during the last two hunts, or would like to be kept informed of screening info, please E-Mail: MedallionHuntDoc@aol.com.

Rehash Bash 2002 at Merriam Park

Merriam Park

January 27th, 2002

Could there possibly be a better way to mourn the end of another hunt than rehashing the whole thing with others equally let down from a hunt—and a hunt that seemed way too short? I think not!

At least one hundred mourners gathered this afternoon at Merriam Park to share a fabulous potluck with other hunters of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt. The meal included Rehash Goulash, Minnesota Wild Rice Casserole, Devil's Den Eggs, Medallion Candy, Ian's Sloppy Joe Medallions, and lots of chips—especially of the Pringle variety.

One of the finders from 1998, Maureen Hursey, attended the bash, as well as the three ladies that found the 1995 medallion in Battle Creek, Cookie Howard, Kay Anderson, and Rachel Olson. It was great to see the variety of folks that share this obsession!

We also found a few lurkers in attendance that felt comfortable coming to the bash even though they had never posted. That's so amazing! We must come across as friendly and welcoming for folks to feel that comfortable. It's happened at both the Predig Gig and the Rehash Bash this year! Let's hope that brings fewer lurkers and more folks sharing their thoughts and ideas about the hunt next year.

Merriam Park, being a park and recreation center, had a nice warming room with a ping pong table we could use to put food out on and a place to warm up a bit. It was much chillier and cloudier outdoors than it was forecast to be, so it was super to have a place to warm up a bit.

That Was Quick

The medallion was found between two baseball fields by Mary Kay Hamilton of Woodbury and her son, Sean, 16. The fast find was tied for the second-quickest in hunt history. It may have been a lucky kick in the leaves this year, but it sounds like mom has paid her dues...even if she forgot to pay for a button this year. Read the clue explanations and some commentary on these explanations in our 2002 area.

Predig Gig 2002 at McGovern's

Patrick McGovern's

January 19th, 2002

Amazement is the word that comes to mind about this year's predig party at McGovern's. There had to be by evening's end at least 100 people that had come and gone.

We took over an upstairs room at McGovern's. The room probably holds 50 people or so comfortably, but as usual, some folks came early and left, others came later, and some of us were there from beginning to end. We had the room packed.

There were several lurkers who have never posted but felt comfortable enough to come and introduce themselves. Additionally, Cathi Hogan, last year's finder came for awhile. She said she was going to be the first hunter to find it twice in a row. She has some challengers to that notion! Cookie Howard, Kay Anderson, and Rachel Olson, the finders from 1995 (Battle Creek) were in attendance. They've been hunting together since 1952 and continue to this day. Amazing! The 1969 finder (Victoria and 35E), Bill the RV guy, was also there for the duration of the evening.

Many of the Cooler regulars were present, some new faces appeared that I'm sure will turn up again during the hunt, and the evening was filled with fellow hunting enthusiasts.

Marley King and his Queen Kal had created bumper stickers that were ready for sale. They did a nice job with those! Thanks to the team work of E&H's Mom and Dad and Terry Valentine, this year's Cooler Crew commemorative buttons were ready! Steve Worthman had his Treasure Hunter's Guide, 2nd Edition, books for sale. Those have become quite popular with hunters. The medallion hunt seems to bring out the unique talent and creativity of medallion seekers.

The documentary crew was in attendance, complete with some interns hired locally to help with filming this year. Here's hoping those locals get the fever and join the hunt after the filming is completed this year!


Cooler Crew -- A History

During the 1990's, the St Paul Pioneer Press opened online discussion forums. These forums were called Water Coolers. The forums had discussion topics related to sports, politics, news, and current events. Each year, the Pioneer Planet — the online section of the Pioneer Press — opened a discussion forum as a media for hunters to discuss the clues for the Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt.

During the earlier years, one might find a few hundred posts during the hunt. As more hunters had computers, those numbers jumped. From 1997 to 1998, the number of posts increased from the hundreds to the 5-digit thousands. It was during the 1998 hunt the Cooler Crew was born.

The community spirit and teamwork displayed in the Pioneer Press Medallion Hunt thread was inspiring. The group of hunters found themselves at the end of a hunt not wanting to let go of new friendships and the camaraderie found on the Water Cooler board. The idea emerged to do what anyone would do in the middle of winter in Minnesota. A picnic in Cherokee was planned - the first Rehash Bash!

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