Cooler Crew Hall of Fame

Sure, the Mock Hunts are pretty much all ours for the taking, but we've got our share of other finds as well. Here they are

Name(s) Find Other stories
Mr. Med Hunter 2000 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt  
Me2 2001 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt  
Jake and Donny 2002 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt  
Marley King 2002 Jake Ingebrigtson Mock Hunt  
Jake 2002 Marley King Hunt  
Marley, Me2, Ares, TMK Michael Schumacher Mock Hunt  
Jake 2003 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt  
TMK 2003 marley King Hunt  
Regman 2003 AW Off Season Mock Hunt in Hidden Falls  
Me2 2004 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt  
Clue Master 2004 South Saint Paul Button  
Kitch 2005 Magellon GPS Game  
Mucluck 2005 Roseville Hunt  
ThoseMedallingKids 2005 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt  
Becksie 2005 Inver Grove Heights Hunt  
Tim the Hunter 2005 Minnesota Wild Capture the Flag Hunt  
Clue Master Tim's 2005 Mock Hunt  
Kitch and Mucluck 2005 Minbin Mouse 1 Finder Pic
Clue Master, Tim, Jake 2005 Minbin Mouse 2 Finder Pic
Clue Master 2005 Minbin Mouse 3 Finder Pic
OTiS, PayMe 2005 Minbin Mouse 4 Finder Pic
Me2 2005 Minbin Mouse 5 Finder Pic
Me2 2006 NSP  
ThoseMedallingKids 2006 Coon Rapids  
Jake, Me2 & Mr. Med Hunter 2006 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt  
Kitch 2006 South Saint Paul Button  
Becksie Jake's 2006 Mock Hunt  
Jake and Brassmonkey 2007 ST. PAUL MEDALLION 1 - HIDDEN FALLS  
Regman 2007 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt - Newell  
KC0GRN 2007 Roseville  
Kitch 2007 Clown's Hunt  
(the A) Team Spider Monkeys (Iceman, Regman, Terry, Mucluck, BareFootguy, and help from brassmonkey and others) 2007 AW's Mason 24 Hour Hunt  
Diggorius Rex 2008 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt - Cherokee  
Mucluck, Diggin, Posen, and Barefootguy 2008 Roseville  
Clue Master & Becksie 2008 Inver Grove Heights Star  
Mucluck and Iceman 2008 3M mock hunt  
Team Spider Monkeys 2008 AW's 24 hour hunt  
TMK 2009 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt - Highwood Hills  
Mr and Mrs. Brassmonkey 2009 Wrench in E.P. Dunn Bros. hunt  
Cluey (+ family) 2010 Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest Medallion SWC Bulletin Story
Marley King 2010 Kanabec County
Marley King 2010 Ogilvie Tower Centenial Days
Treasure Chest 2010 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt - CoNo  
Team Brana(CM/me2) 2011 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt- Harriet Island  
Brassmonkey 2012 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt- Conway  
Barefootguy and Diggorious Rex 2012 Hugo Spike Spike-finders share a ‘passion’ for the hunt
me2 & Clue Master (team Brana) 2012 Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest Medallion A 'feel-good find': St. Paul woman finds Cottage Grove Strawberry Fest medallion
Clue Master & me2 (team Brana) 2012 White Bear Lake Manitou Days Medallion Veteran hunters find Manitou Days medallion
Clue Master & me2 (team Brana) 2012 Little Canada Canadian Days Medallion Little Canada Medallion Page
Clue Master & me2 (team Brana) 2012 New Brighton Stockyard Days Treasure Hunt 2012 New Brighton Stockyard Days Treasure Hunt Page
Matt and Ashley (Team Mashley) 2012 Woodbury Days Hastings couple locates Woodbury Days medallion
Brassmonkey 2013 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt  
Clue Master & me2 (team Brana) 2013 Allison Wonderland Piggy Back Hunt  
Matt Koskie 2013 Coldest Hunter's Lost Treasure Hunt  
Matt Koskie 2013 Cottage Grove Strawberrry Days Hunt  
Coldest Hunter and Sade Priuitt 2013 Roseville Rose Fest Hunt  
Coldest Hunter and Sade Priuitt 2013 New Brighton Stockyard Days Medallion Hunt  
Clue Master & me2 (team Brana) 2013 KS95 Golden Cheese Curd