The Best of the Boards

Its about that time of year when I start going through and tidying up things in preparation for the coming hunt. In doing so, I'm going through the archives to an extent and doing some old reading. We've had some great one-liners before and I'm gonna post them here:

  • Eags, 2002 Boards, post 563: Never thought about it in terms of the medallion getting laid before...
  • TMK, 2002 Boards, post 1040: New for the 2002 Medallion Hunt, straight from Cooler Crew Incorporated, comes the Christmas/Medallion Hunt CD for all diggers! Included on this stellar cd are songs such as "The Twelve Days of Hunting", "Scribe in Bells", "Away From a Playground", "Check the Mall", "Do You Dig What I Dig", "God Rest Ye Weary Coolerheads", "We Came Upon a Midnight Clue", "Joy to the Finder", "O Dig All Trees", "Tim the Red-Nosed Hunter", "Trent and Jackie Are Coming To Town", "Sleepless Night", and the all-time favorite, "Allison Wonderland" Hurry now, while supplies last!